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nihilism - eau de parfum 50ml

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No ordinaary rose... #smellmodern

The majesty of rose, verdant aldehydes and animalic whispers...for confident women and adventurous boys

From The Scented Letter Issue 43:

"Citrus-infused aldehydes smash champagne bottles against a wall, then soothe with rosy colored cashmere caresses. A shape-shifting, revolutionary take on rose that might slap or snog you at any moment."

From The Scented Letter Issue 36:

"Wearing this is like a Tinder date with identical twins: one aristocratic and reckless, the other a down-to-earth rabble-rousing type with below-stairs humour and a belly laugh that shakes walls. And we have to adore the name – if only to watch the faces of anyone who asks what we’re wearing."

From modernist fragrance:

"nihilism gets such a great and varied reaction across the spectrum. I'd intended it to be a very bold riff on Rose, exorcising some childhood trips to the cemetery, with a growling, animalic undertow. The top notes of Lime, Bergamot and Grapefruit are actually quite strong, but Rose undeniably packs the punch. I wanted to start the animalic trail with Jasmin as well as Cashmeran. I had a lot of fun using Tonquitone in the base, "cleaned up" with some Vanilla and Benzoin. It's a bold composition and a real confidence booster."

modernist fragrance produces exclusive luxury eau de parfum made by hand in England. Genderless and non-binary, these unusual unisex niche fragrances are produced in limited quantities using the finest ingredients.