trademark humour

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I had a really good name for the third fragrance. Luckily, I also had another name that was great, as it turned out someone thought the good name was *so good* that the word belonged to them.

I'd not ventured too far into the world of trademarks and names. Having done some writing, I knew there wasn't technically a trademark on the titles of novels. There were moral rights - you can't nick something just for the purpose of making money from it. That's why I didn't call any of my books The Da Vinci Code, although calling a book something like, say, Metamorphoses probably wouldn't have worried Ovid very much, for example.

The good name for the third fragrance really fit the vibe of the formulation. It had roots and echoes in Greek mythology and other philosophical areas I was dabbling in for composition.

Then an objection to it was lodged.

I thought about putting up a fight. After some extended self reflection, I realised I didn't want to waste time and money on it.

Fortunately, the other name is even better, far less self-centred and, let me be clear, in no way associated with any other products out there.