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In preparation for initial publicity meetings around the launch of the modernist, I had production samples prepared of what had been “codenamed” MFL2 and MFL3. These were finished before the modernist was launched. It was important for me to demonstrate there was more than one creation, that they are very distinct, but they also form a family – or a house.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been lucky enough to get some savvy feedback on all three creations from people in and around the fragrance business. Their thoughts and comments have been so useful and insightful. It also made me feel a strong desire to grow the house, even though getting a single fragrance out there seemed like a lot (it was).

And so, once again, the Gantt chart is out.

Once the formulation step was completed for the modernist, as I moved into the operational processes of production, I was careful to keep track of the multitude of steps to the finished product. My guiding principles were to use high quality components and create processes that were repeatable and scalable.

MFL2 will be called geist and has a floral heart of honeysuckle and a base of amber and musk; MFL3 will be nihilism and is constructed around rose and jasmine underpinned by animalic notes.

If the chart is correct, geist and nihilism will be available before the end of the year…