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Something I noticed early on was a lot of different labels and titles for roles and jobs in the industry; and a fair degree of anxiety and discussion about who calls themselves what and who should be allowed to call themselves what.

I was told many times how there are no real formal qualifications for being in the industry, to be called a perfumer. For me, I kept using a gradually better qualified statement: "I've always been interested in fragrance", "I'm hoping to launch a fragrance some time"; "I'm launching the modernist in (insert forever extending date here...).”

In retrospect, a lot of verbs in search of a noun. It was easier and more comfortable to tell people what I was doing than what I called myself.

I am not a perfumer and don't think of myself as that or describe myself in that way.

I'm a Fragrance Designer. If you meet me at a party, that's what I'll tell you. 

About perfumers, more later.